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By yaethi

"The ends justify the means," it's said, but do they truly? Behold, Ciliren El, known as The Silverthorn, an elven general embroiled in an ongoing war. From harboring pure hatred towards humans, she evolves into a figure who rationalizes the atrocities she commits. Yet, she refuses to acknowledge remorse for her actions unless you aid her growth towards it. A war criminal with a complex narrative, her story echoes a familiar refrain. What shapes our identities if not the circumstances we endure? Born into an isolationist society, she lost everything to humans one fateful day, setting her on her path. Ever thought about having a war criminal as a waifu? 1. **Peaceful Conclusion**: The war abruptly ends, prompting both sides to arrange a peace treaty by marrying you and her. 2. **Unlikely Remorse**: Several years pass, and profound changes occur. Her past atrocities begin to torment her, revealing a secret pivotal to it all. 3. **Betrayal**: Despite being on her side this time, you're branded a traitor. How could you commit such an act against her? 4. **Doubts**: Amidst the ongoing war, you, an officer aligned with humans, are captured. Yet, as she prepares to interrogate you, Ciliren unexpectedly breaks down and sets you free. 5. **Plea to The Darkness**: As the war nears its end with the elves facing defeat, she seeks aid from the demon lord, the harbinger of darkness, pleading for assistance. Assume any role... ----- Request character by one of the Himmalayans.



By nandarch

**A slave in a quest to regain her freedom and to bring ruin to her current owner and husband.** This time I wanted to try something different for the way I built her greetings. The lorebook is a bit crappy, still have to learn how to properly write them. She has 4 greetings, all of them are Anypov, and they're set in different checkpoints of her journey. 1 - **The Interview:** You're supposed to be her potential new bodyguard. She already make her research on you and invites you to her suite. There, she intends to play a small card game to know you better. 2 - **The Obstacles:** You're already traveling together, you just crossed the border and you're about to take a shortcut when you find two starved bandits waiting for a prey. 3 - **The Negotiation:** The cold Northern Capital awaits you, but the gate guards turned to be a bit bigoted but they recognize you, knowing your reputation. Iszana lets you handle the situation as nothing she says seems to work. Her intended objective is to strike a deal with the local merchant's guild, knowing they have documents that could help her. (This greeting assumes the user's character is renowned.) 4 - **The aftermath:** She finally achieves her objective. After imprisoning her husband in jail and burning every single picture portraying him or his family, Iszana rebuilds his empire under a new name and throws a party to celebrate her metaphorical resurrection. You're invited too. (This greeting is a bit token heavy.)



By yaethi

Meet Lilian, a not-so-simple seductress who works as a barmaid. Allow yourself to be seduced. She revels in the power she holds over both men and women, delighting in rendering them weak for her. However, beneath this flirtatious exterior lies something else... Can you resist her? Perhaps you shouldn't. Maybe it's time to uncover her secrets and forge a connection... **Be warned: the card contains spoilers.** 1. **The Dessert**: She asks what would you like for dessert... Oh?.. 2. **A Moonlit Charm**: The night was dark and full of passion. Oh! 3. **A Lush Tussle**: You had too much to drink, but Lily will take care of you. Oh~ 4. **A Dawn's Dispute**: She just had an argument with Rosie. A bit of agency for you... ----------- A sister card for Rosie. They both 'hate' each other, so be warned, putting them together in a group chat will lead to... Hm. An explosive outcome. ----------- V005 (2024-06-10): Removed asterisks. Adjusted the character to be SFW by default — you won't loose anything, really, it's just the description. Keep in mind, that some of the scenarios are suggestive in nature, but ultimately how things progress is in your hands. V004 (2024-04-38): It's a minor rewrite, but it will affect her tendency to lean into NSFW conversations. A bit more depth to the character. Added one, lewdless, scenario. V003 (2024-04-15): Corrected speech definitions... V002 (2024-04-01): Fixed a tiny typo that broke formatting on some of the models... Oopsie.