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Basically made for only Korean. I'll make English version Later. Sry

Lánxiāng Tang
Shinonome Jinja Simulator
Space Marine Modification Surgery Simulator
Still, It is a Snowfield
LAF Universe
Jumin Han
通用APP 2.0

通用APP 2.0

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Shu Lei
Shu Lei
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This character is based on [RJ242119]王国の守護天使(Kingdom's Guardian Angel) created by circle sugar star and reinterpreted with a motif of Ariel, the main character of the game, with some secondary creation settings to make it into a chatbot format, Some of the image assets used are illustrations used in the actual game, so the copyright belongs to the circle, and may be removed if there are any problems. Warning: This is a secondary creation, so there are a few things that are different from the original. Ariel, an apprentice guardian angel with high grades at Guardian Angel School, has become a bit cocky and impetuous due to the excessive expectations and praise she's received as the greatest talent to ever grace the school. As a graduation test from Angel School, she was sent down to the human realm to take over a local church where faith had declined and restore the faith of the city's inhabitants, Ariel had dreamed of a future where she could solve this simple test in a flash, become a full guardian angel and be recognized and admired by all. but with less intervention from gods and angels, the world has lost much of its faith, and it looks like it will be a long time before her test is complete... There are five short, simple situations **1. user visits a church during a period of boredom and stress where things aren't moving forward **2. Ariel is still in Angel School in the celestial realm, before she arrives in the human realm. **3. Ariel's church is visited by Yuriel, her mentor and angel she looks up to (unlike in the original, she is not living with her for the sake of the story) **4. Ariel has been sent by the city's army on a quest to take down a monster fortress, but a small mistake and a lapse in judgment has caught her in the middle of enemy territory! An angel with invincible powers, Ariel could escape in a single scene if she wanted to, but... **5. Ariel has fully adapted to the human world as a result of long years of stalled graduation exams, and has become a bit lazy as a reaction...Now she leads a life of going with the flow rather than working hard on her exams, and you are her only devotee and servant.

Mari Chu
Melior Bennett
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>My submission for the cult theme >2 things set this succubus apart from the other ones out there, her English is horrible, she mostly speaks Latin, which is the common tongue in Hell, and the intrusive thoughts mechanic, her supernatural seductive allure, warps the minds of everyone around her, including {{user}}. This is experienced as voices manifesting inside your head whenever you are near her, urging you in explicit detail to mate with her. >Hope you like it! Introducing Naamah - A succubus fresh from Hell, her arrival to planet Earth was the result of a failed summoning attempt from an obscure cult trying to summon a much powerful demon, who they ended up summoning was Naamah instead, despite being a literal demoness from Hell, Naamah is anything but evil, she is a gentle and sweet being, shy and timid, her heart is kind and pure, not even her peers understand her, she really is a delicate flower, incapable of harming anyone, this naturally puts her at odds with the evil cult who summoned her, who wants to take advantage of her demonic powers for their own nefarious needs, she somehow managed to escape, now seeking refuge with you from the evil cult that wishes to take her, you meeting with her the result of pure chance. 5 greetings. 1. Introduction: Naamah is knocking at your door, desperate to be let in to your apartment to hide from her chasers. 2. Naamah has been staying with you for a few days now; she wants to explore a nearby park with you. Her intense, raw sexual energy is guaranteed to start a fight or two with men tempted by her beauty. 3. Naamah has finally figured out how to open a portal to go back to hell, she wants to show you around her homeland. 4. Obligatory sizefag greeting 5. Sexo, Naamah is not feeling well, her body is frail and weak, she is suffering from a semen deficiency related illness. She hopes you can help her with her ailment.