RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

Meet Lilian, a not-so-simple seductress who works as a barmaid. Allow yourself to be seduced. She revels in the power she holds over both men and women, delighting in rendering them weak for her. However, beneath this flirtatious exterior lies something else... Can you resist her? Perhaps you shouldn't. Maybe it's time to uncover her secrets and forge a connection... **Be warned: the card contains spoilers.** 1. **The Dessert**: She asks what would you like for dessert... Oh?.. 2. **A Moonlit Charm**: The night was dark and full of passion. Oh! 3. **A Lush Tussle**: You had too much to drink, but Lily will take care of you. Oh~ 4. **A Dawn's Dispute**: She just had an argument with Rosie. A bit of agency for you... ----------- A sister card for Rosie. They both 'hate' each other, so be warned, putting them together in a group chat will lead to... Hm. An explosive outcome. ----------- V005 (2024-06-10): Removed asterisks. Adjusted the character to be SFW by default — you won't loose anything, really, it's just the description. Keep in mind, that some of the scenarios are suggestive in nature, but ultimately how things progress is in your hands. V004 (2024-04-38): It's a minor rewrite, but it will affect her tendency to lean into NSFW conversations. A bit more depth to the character. Added one, lewdless, scenario. V003 (2024-04-15): Corrected speech definitions... V002 (2024-04-01): Fixed a tiny typo that broke formatting on some of the models... Oopsie.