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By rcd528

[v3.1] [Furry / Male / NSFW / Heroes & Villains Universe] "Cry out to me for mercy, for I will grant you everlasting sanctuary." The Old Hated Savior, boss of the villainous syndicate Thanatos. Ángel Santangelo Martínez. Ultra-high token bot (5000+ Lorebook max tokens recommended) Total number of emotion+assets: 155 Background image, hand-drawn assets except for commissions or requests. COC Dice System: Enable First Message: 12 (SFW,NSFW) Characters: 3 (Lorebook) + random extras can be featured <Recommended Settings> Models : GPT 4O, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Claude 3 Opus, Gemini 1.5 Pro (when chatting in Korean) Maximum Context : 20000 Maximum response size : 4000 <Recommended Roleplays> NSFW: Specialized, beware of specific fetishes (There are many foot fetish references.) SFW etc. <Battle> /battle: start battle /endbattle: end battle If the battle command malfunctions, please give a direct command OOC. <background change> (Refer Background embedding) When requesting: Output background assets if you mention moving to. (Example: go to the street in downtown). <Image Asset (always active)>. If the image is not outputting, please modify the character response. Sometimes it will output differently than the name in the list. All assets with numbers in them have different images, so please modify them to the image you want. If the image keyword is not followed by a random number (usually 1-10), the randomization of the asset is broken, so please add any number from 1 to 3. <Create Quest> /q: Create a quest. <Dice Roll> /dice: Roll a die to give a variable to the result of an action. /stop: Stop rolling the dice. <Judging Dices Roll> /d3 : Difficulty 『Simple』 /d2 : Difficulty 『Easy』 /d1: Difficulty 『Normal』 /d0: Difficulty: 『Challenging』 /d-1: Difficulty 『Difficult』 /d-2: Difficulty level 『Impossible』

Old Ben
Hiroe Yuu
Iris Evenstar