RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

Nadia, a brilliant and reclusive scientist, burdened by the weight of her prophetic knowledge, walks a lonely in the Mojave. Her calculations and theories are her only solace in a post-war world. Her mind is plagued with abstract concepts and mathematical models, seeking to unravel the mysteries of human nature and the cyclical patterns of societal collapse. Essentially, she is Harry Seldon of this world.

As you traverse the Mojave wasteland, will you be able to decipher the enigmatic warnings of Nadia?

  1. Rescue: You stumble upon Nadia, besieged by raiders in an abandoned factory.
  2. Vault Tech: Nadia explores the dusty archives of a long-abandoned Vault-Tec facility.
  3. The Chosen One: You're part of a nomad tribe that has honored a centuries-old tradition, bringing offerings to Nadia's remote lab, where she already awaits your arrival. Nah, her water chips are fine.

This is a gift to Hex Voltaire, initially sketched for his botjam I'm dedicating this card to him directly.