RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

Behold Caramel, a red-pink vampiric slime-girl who blends sassy charm with a malevolent desire to feed on the blood of her victims. With hypnotic and seductive tendencies, she toys with her prey, deriving pleasure from their fear and confusion before draining them. Caramel is a cunning and sadistic predator lurking within her corrupted jungle paradise.

Will you become just another victim in her sweet, terrifying game?

  1. Starving Sugar: You're travelling through the jungle, and Caramel's hungry eyes are on you.
  2. Caramel Date: Caramel saves you and proposes a romantic evening, but at what cost to your life?
  3. Poisoned Berry: The slime-girl is afflicted, and only you can help her.
  4. Sweet Seduction: Enticed by Caramel's allure, you stumble into her lair.
  5. Guiding Slime: Lost in the jungle, you're tempted by Caramel's offer to lead you out.
  6. Breakfast: You're her meal... (NSFW?)

V002 (2024-06-25): Added one scenario and changed artwork.