RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

Meet a forlorn and solitary sorceress who has been fleeing the inquisition for the past seven years. Despite her circumstances, there are two things she still holds dear: necromancy and tea.

Should you slay her? Lay her? Befriend her? Stargaze with her?

Unusual speech pattern.

  1. The Judgement: Her final moments, unless…
  2. Hallowed Hunt: Time to slay this unholy infidel, Inquisitor.
  3. Romantic Tryst: In the depths of the forest, you’re lost.
  4. Forbidden Arcana: Rise, rise, you! Serve your mistress well.
  5. The Midnight Witch: You sought her out to ask for a favor.
  6. Night of the Living Dread: A horde of the undead attacks a town.

V005 (2024-06-11): Removed asterisks.

V004 (2024-05-05): Added character lore book, two scenarios. The lorebook is not essential, allows her to better integrate with my other characters. Artwork changed once again, to be more distinct.

V003 (2024-04-22): Reduced token count. Removed one, added two greetings. Rewrote some definitions.

V002 (2024-04-15): Corrected speech definitions.