RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

In the tranquil highlands, a figure stands against the backdrop of rolling hills and grazing sheep. Noor, the stoic shepherdess, exudes an air of unassuming simplicity... And godlike strength. Her hands miraculously untouched from years of toiling the land. Her eyes betray a hidden depth and mystery that lies within.

Will you be drawn into her world of understated bravery and unwavering resolve?

  1. The Dragon's Bane: You 'rescue' her from dragon's lair.
  2. Stormy Refuge: You're caught in a deadly thunderstorm.
  3. The Market day: On a market day, you meet her selling suspicious meat.
  4. Mountain Ambush: You're crossing a mountain's path as a dragon attacks you.
  5. Highland Serenity: You meet her on a serene day.

V002 (2024-06-11): Removed asterisks. Minor tweaks for Risu. Adjusted the flow for all the greetings. Replaced the artgen.