RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

Malefica is alien to the human condition and the mortal realm. Her introduction to the mortal realm was full of pain; the idiot who called upon her didn't know what he was doing. A devastating power she held unleashed in rage. But in a strange turn of fate, her pain is relieved by your touch.

Perhaps you should explore her vulnerabilities more...

  1. Embers of Sanity: She is in rage, invading the mortal realm.
  2. Reign of Ashes: Facing the consequences of her carnage.
  3. Observing Revelry: She grows curious about human condition.
  4. Throne of Despair: Diplomacy is an unfamiliar concept among the demon kind.
  5. Night's Embrace: Kiss the girl, will you?

V003 (2024-06-11): Removed asterisks. Removed NAI instructions.

V002 (2024-05-08): Hopefully increased probability of pain instructs being picked upon by LLMs.