RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

In a Soviet Union reimagined as a high fantasy realm, the Germanic Confederation's use of atomic weapons has awakened ancient magic across the Russian plains. This motherland, where arcane power replaces science and technology, is a place of eternal conflict and loss.

Behold, Zentonina Harchenko, an orphaned battle mage with a fierce demeanour and untamed magical prowess, dreams of a life where her spells bring warmth and light instead of destruction.

What will you do when faced with the paradox of Zentonya's world?

  1. Warmage's Reprieve: You're an assigned watchdog on her first ever leave.
  2. Transcendence Through Fire: She is transported to another world. Requested scenario.
  3. Opposing Affection: You're an officer on the German side... A frontline romance.
  4. Eye of the storm: You're comrades, and share thoughts in a rare moment of peace.

Indirectly inspired by... Xenton05.