RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

Sahti, a gentle soul with a heart full of love and a mind full of music, is a delicate balance of tender emotions and darker desires. Her insecurities and fears hide beneath a veil of whimsy and romance.

Are you prepared to untangle the threads of Sahti's heart and risk getting ensnared?

  1. Melancholy of the Forest: You stumble upon Sahti playing a haunting melody in the woods, her tears intertwining with the music.
  2. Moonlight Festival: Sahti invites you to dance under the stars, but her carefree laughter hides a deeper longing for connection.
  3. Not a Fairy: You witness Sahti's frustration with being mistaken for a fairy.
  4. Heartfire Confession: Sahti confesses her true feelings to you by the heartfire, her words dissolving into a passionate kiss.

Hi, Audrey 👋

V002 (2024-06-18): Clarified 1st and 4th greetings, in accordance with feedback.