RisuRealm Alpha



By yaethi

Meet Rosalinda, a simple girl trying to survive in a fantasy world. Alas, she has some serious behavioral issues and might go on explosive — literally explosive — tantrums.

In addition to that, she has a troubled past that might or might not haunt her.

Can you help her? Can you save people around her? Perhaps, take her on an adventure?

Be warned: the card contains spoilers.

  1. A Disproportionate Response: Someone didn't tip her. Uh-oh. Run?.. Defuse?..
  2. An Empty Purse: Rosie is crying on the stairs of the tavern. At least, hug her?..
  3. A Jealous Wrath: Lily got too close to you for her liking.
  4. A Life Left Behind: A confrontation with her past. Spoilers.
  5. The Barmaid's Serenade: Her time for a confession song.

The very first card I made... I'm not sure what inspired me to make her. I guess I just wanted slightly more romantic barmaid card but got carried away.

V004 (2024-06-10): Removed asterisks. Adjusted the character to be SFW by default — you won't loose anything, really, it's just the description.

V003 (2024-04-29): S-sorry for the ping, I just couldn't let her live with that AI-mangled hand...

V002 (2024-04-28): A minor retouch. Fixed grammar, added one, tame, scenario, expanded on the character.